Tiredness comes with being a mum, along with happiness and sadness, stress and joy, uncertainty and clarity.

It’s a difficult job.   No manual and everyone has there view, theory and this is how I do it moment, but this is your story and your time to take control.

Motherhood is not easy and can take its toll.

Kids nowadays don’t cope with life.  They feel everyone owes them and they don’t have the skills to cope with life.  Is that a parents doing, school doing or society, who knows.  It’s common to hear it takes a community to grow a child, it’s so true.

Teenagers need to know there is a safety net round them. They need to know who they can reach for and know when to reach.

My son did not reach.  He did not seek help.

That’s tomorrow’s blog.

Love your children, they need to know they are loved and that someone has their back.

Being a mum

Nobody warned us that being a mum was so hard.  I’ve started this blog to try and discuss things I’m going though to help me and possibly others in the same situation.

My eldest is 26 youngest 17, we have mental health issues across all kids and I question what have we done to cause this.

My blog is to enable me to articulate my struggle with the struggle my kids are facing.

Hope I can help someone else by discussing my journey.  I am not offering a solution, after today I’m tired and struggling and I just need to talk about our struggles and journey and maybe others can join and we can help each other.

Tomorrow I will detail more but for now I’m just a mum recognizing being a mum is hard, scary but I wouldn’t give it up for the world.